Sangha Gathering

for everyone

Spiritual Community or Sangha is absolutely integral to maintaining and growing on the spiritual path. 🌱 The seed of spiritual awakening is within each of us & spiritual community is the fertile soil required for it to sprout.

Finding a spiritual community (a Sangha) that lifts you up, inspires you, and encourages you to be who you are, is one of the most rewarding things that anybody could ever experience in this life. To feel accepted, understood, and to be a part of something bigger than yourself is really what so many of us need and long for.

Join us in our monthly sangha gathering.  In these meetings we offer a guided meditation, a lecture on a certain spiritual topic, group discussion and a question and answer period. It's FREE!

This gathering happens live on zoom. The recording will be made available for 10 days afterwards.

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Monthly Sangha Gathering

This month's Topic: 
"Unlocking Your Inner Power:
A Tantra-Based Approach to Empowerment"

Study - Connect - Inspire
June 18th, 12PM Pacific Time