Study, Live, and Embody

Traditional Tantra & Yoga

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Our intention in offering all of our courses is to empower our students to discover true and authentic spirituality through Tantra and Yoga.

We are honored to share the wisdom of Traditional Tantra with the blessings of the Shivoham Lineage. The intention of both our online and in-person courses is to share the wisdom, practices, and gifts of Tantra & Yoga. 

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Online Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

 Our award-winning 200-hour honours ancient traditions while preparing our students to teach in a modern world. 

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Sheilding, Fortifying & Sharing Energy

 In this course, you will learn both tantra yoga theory and practices to shield, fortify, & share your energy.

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Tantra Meditation

Power, Consciousness, & Embodiment 

This online course/retreat is a deep dive into Tantrik meditation. 

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Whether online or in-person, we value community and connection.  Facilitators make themselves easily accessible to students to answer any questions, hear feedback or simply listen. 


I’ve practiced asana off and on for many years but I can say truthfully that I’ve never had the full example of yoga as a way of life, until studying with Anuttara



Regardless of gender, sex, race, religion, class, size, ability, or any other characteristic, as long as you have a longing to connect to authentic spirituality, you are welcome here. We strive to make all of our programs trauma-sensitive, inviting, & inclusive to all.


Whether you've been studying for years, or are just taking the first step, there is something here for you. 



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