Power, Consciousness, Embodiment
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30 hour Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Course

For true spiritual seekers... 


If your interest in spirituality has grown larger than what you've found at your local yoga studio, and you are earnestly seeking to understand yourself, and your heart, you've come to the right place.

Authentic and powerful, The Path of Awakening guides you through the 3 stages of spiritual awakening in traditional Non-Dual Tantra. 

Structured as both an educational course and a genuine yoga & meditation retreat. With guided lessons for your mind, body, and soul, you'll discover the depth and power of your own heart. 

Dive into Tantra. 

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Discover yourself through authentic Tantrik practices

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Anuttara Presents...


Power, Consciousness, Embodiment

Learn about the spiritual essence of Shiva and Shakti, the mythology behind them and tools to embody the natural silence and vibrance of your heart.

  • Guided meditations to rest in the silence of your heart
  • Enliven your body through yoga & experiential movement practices
  • Learn more about Tantrik philosophy from masterful teachers
  • Connect to the natural power of your being

Once you begin to awaken the heart, it can never go back to sleep. Are you ready?


Witness Consciousness. Discover Shiva's transcendent nature as the nature of your own heart. (10 Hours)


Experiential: Burning Shava Yoga Nidra
Lecture: What is Shiva Consciousness?
Experiential: Inquiry Yoga
Lecture: What am I?

and way more!


Shakti, the Primordial Mother, is everything that is manifest. Expand your understanding of the divine. (12 hours)


Lecture: Introducing Shakti
Experiential: 7 Chakra Meditation
Symbology & Mythology: Shakti's 3 forms
Experiential: Spanda Yoga

and way more!


Dissolve the separation between witness and witnessed and embody the non-dual understanding in everyday life. (10 hours)

Experiential: Forest Bathing
Lecture: Non-Doing While Doing
Experiential: Dissolving the body in Loving Awareness - Yoga Nidra

and way more!

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  • Expand your perception of  non-duality

  • Practice self inquiry through meditation and yoga asana. Learn about advaita vedanta. 
  • Become familiar with traditional tools and practices to apply in your own daily life

  • Practice deep rest with insightful Yoga Nidra practices

  • Sing or listen along with kirtan, sacred song, as a meditation practice

  • Become deeply acquainted with the true nature of your heart

  • Led by experienced Tantra Yoga Teachers

  • 25-hr YACEP certificate


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Artemis & Bhairav

With over 35 years of combined experience, Artemis Emily Doyle and Bhairav Thomas English are students and practitioners of various mystic traditions. They are lineage holders in the tradition of Shivoham Tantra.

They live in a simple home, off-grid in the sacred mountains of the Nisga’a people in northern British Columbia, Canada.

Together they established Anuttara Ashram and the Anuttara Turyatita School, which offer teachings and trainings in Tantra Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, & non-duality.

They create spaces for love to take form through service, study, and spiritual practice.

Our Intention


To support you in your spiritual awakening

This course is being presented from a non-dual Tantrik perspective. It was created to provide a rich and potent series of practices and lectures to support you in your awakening process. It is our intention that you will both do an intensive retreat with the course to immerse yourself deeply in this experiential study as well as to continue these practices with dedication and reverence. This course is incredibly unique and will serve you at many different points in your spiritual journey.

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Everyone’s journey is different. This course is offered on sliding scale. Find the right price for you: