Free Introductory Course

In this course...

you will create a solid foundation for yourself to begin to understand the beautiful world of traditional Tāntra.
  •  Learn different meditation postures that allow & maximize the flow of Kundalini
  •  The traditional & respectful use of a māla
  •  The Tāntrik understanding of Moon Time. How to honour & make the most of this sacred time.
  •  Learn about the Tāntrik tool of asan (meditation mat). Understand its traditional use and power.
  •  Learn how to properly chant māntra to effectively influence your energy system.
  •  Begin your practice with a māntra, with the blessings of the Shivoham lineage
  •  Practice with a downloadable recording of māntra recitation to support your practice
  •  Learn how to continue and deepen your Tāntrik practice