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The Perks:

  • Attractive¬†Commissions -¬†Take advantage of our generous 10% commission on successful referrals made via your personalized affiliate link.

  • Exclusive Personal Discounts -¬†Deepen your practice and knowledge by availing special discounts on Anuttara's extensive range of courses and trainings.¬†

  • Co-Marketing Initiatives¬†-¬†Open doors to potential partnership avenues with the Anuttara brand, multiplying the impact and outreach of your efforts.

  • Reliable Passive Income Stream -¬†Convert your connections into a fruitful source of a passive income with each successful referral.

Earn While Inspiring:

Become an Anuttara & Earn While Sharing Something that Can Actually Make a Positive Impact 

There are many affiliate opportunities out there.  But as an Anuttara affiliate, you have the opportunity to make a passive income while impacting the life of another in a powerful and transformative way. 

Inspire others on their spiritual journey by promoting Anuttara's empowering courses and yoga & meditation teacher trainings.

By partnering with us, you become a catalyst for transformation, guiding individuals towards life-changing experiences

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