Shielding, Fortifying & Sharing Energy

An 8 hour YACEP online course for healers, yoga & meditation teachers, and spiritual practitioners

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You are a renewable resource

You have a wealth of energy available to you, it's just about learning how to manage it. If you're becoming more and more sensitive to your energy and the energy of others, we created this course for you.  

In our everyday lives, we are in a constant dance of giving and receiving energy.  Without conscious awareness of our Energy Systems, many of us are often spending more energy than we are receiving.  Leaving us feeling depleted, unfulfilled, & directionless.  

In this course, you will learn both tantra yoga theory and practices to shield, fortify, & share your energy.

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Learn to share abundantly

Balance your energy system with Tantrik tools, discover where you may be "leaking" energy and connect to your own natural source of power. 

  • Discover the power & importance of setting boundaries
  • Tools you can use in your practice and in your everyday life 

  • Strengthen & revitalize your energy system. Mend "leaks" in your energy. 

  • Certification of Completion (Yoga Alliance)

  • Learn more about Tantrik philosophy from masterful teachers
  • Guided meditations to empower your heart 

Find the balance you are craving, so you can serve your highest purpose. 

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Module One

Understanding Energy

Learn what energy is, how to let it come and go with peace, and the traditional Tantrik teaching of the three types of energy. 

Module Two

Shielding Energy 

Draw on Tantra, Yoga & Psychology for a complete picture of what it means to "shield". Learn the difference between building walls & shielding. 

Practices include:

Mantra, Yantra, & Mudra
Protection visualization
Gentle pranayama 
Meditation: Processing Emotions

Module Three 

Fortifying Energy

Discover the value of true rest, and how to stay grounded. Learn about Kundalini energy and how it can support you. Lean into the natural power and strength of your own being. 

Practices include: 
Pranayama for Purification
Grounding self massage
Yoga Nidra for Radical Rest
Mantra to empower Kundalini

Module Four

Sharing Energy

Teachings and tools to allow you to share energy abundantly and harmoniously. Find your flow and share generously. 

Practices include: 
Consecration & Surrender

Resting & Resonating
Meditation: Coming into the Heart

Artemis & Bhairav

With over 35 years of combined experience, Artemis Emily Doyle and Bhairav Thomas English are students and practitioners of various mystic traditions. They are lineage holders in the tradition of Shivoham Tantra.

They live in a simple home, off-grid in the sacred mountains of the Nisga’a people in northern British Columbia, Canada.

Together they established Anuttara Ashram and the Anuttara Turyatita School, which offer teachings and trainings in Tantra Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, & non-duality.

They create spaces for love to take form through service, study, and spiritual practice.

Our Intention


To support you so you can live vibrantly, and serve your purpose.

This course is for you if you are sensitive to energy and want to become more aware your energy system and how you impacting others. 

We've heard so many yoga teachers, meditation teachers, body workers, and spiritual practitioners complain of burnout. We hope this course helps you to find balance and harmony between giving and receiving so that you can have the energy you need to flourish.

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