$1,200.00 CAD or more

Tantric Mentorship - 10 call package



Embark on a one-of-a-kind mentorship journey with our Dual Insight Package, where the harmonious blend of Artemis and Bhairav's teachings, steeped in the wisdom of Tantra, awaits you. This special 10-call experience is carefully curated to provide a transformative exploration of multiple facets of your life.

What to Expect:

- Session Duration: Each call is a dedicated 60-minute exploration of your personal growth journey.

- Personalized Approach: Your mentor will target specific areas for improvement and provide you with practices (homework) after each session.

- Flexibility: Choose how often we meet, with a recommended interval of at least 1 week between calls for maximum benefit.  

- Tailored to You: We will design a unique 3 call mentorship package that is specific to you and your needs.  

- Personal Reflection: You will receive a welcome pack that outlines your story and the tantric teachings that we feel will apply to you specifically 

- Tantra for You: We will then draw upon the wealth of knowledge and experience we both have in tantra to serve you the teachings and practices that are best suited for you