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The Three Pillars of Authentic Spiritual Practice: Sangha, Sadhana, Guru

Immerse yourself in the essence of authentic spiritual practice as we uncover the transformative power of sangha, sadhana, and guru.

Who It's For:
This course is designed for spiritual seekers who are eager to deepen their understanding and practice of authentic spirituality. Whether you're new to spiritual practice or seeking to enhance your existing journey, this course offers valuable insights and guidance.

What You Learn:

  • Community and Connection (Sangha): Explore the significance of spiritual community in nurturing your spiritual growth. 
  • Practice and Discipline (Sadhana): Delve into the concept of sadhana as the foundation of spiritual discipline. 
  • Guidance and Inspiration (Guru): Understand the role of the guru as a source of guidance and inspiration on the spiritual path.

Additional Details:

  • The course comprises three 30-minute videos, each focusing on one of the three pillars of authentic spiritual practice.
  • Upon purchase, you will receive the videos via email, allowing you to download the material to ingest at your own pace and convenience.
  • Whether you're seeking spiritual community, a structured practice, or guidance on your path, this course provides valuable insights to support your spiritual journey.