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Dancing Silence: Devotional Movement & Art

 Dancing Silence is an explorative journey into devotional movement & art. The intention of these 4 classes is to guide you into a deeper embodiment of compassion, clarity and confidence.

We explore free movement, mysticism & ritual, breath, writing and painting. These tools allow us to meet, embrace and transform what is alive in our experience moment by moment. They offer us a pathway to truly meet ourselves, as well as others, beyond labels and judgements.
We explore experiencing the body, mind and heart as a moving prayer.

In ancient traditions, dance was a tool to communicate with each other, with the natural world and with spirit. Until today dance invites us to find our own personal way to experience the Beloved; the formless spirit that exists at the very heart of our experience.

I invite all those who want to embody the living spirit of the heart. 

*Absolutely no dance experience is needed. Just a curiosity to playfully explore mindful movement, breath and the mystery.*