Intro to the Tantric Heart

The heart is the seat of our own deep wisdom, the quiet place within all of us that is the source of universal love. The tantric heart is where the extraordinary and ordinary meet.

If you are looking to begin your journey into the depths of the heart through the traditions of Tantra & Bhakti yoga, we invite you to join our free mini course "Introduction to the Tantric Heart".

What you'll get:

  • In depth E-book
  • Tantric Philosophy 
    • Shiva / Shakti Energy
    • the layers of the Heart
    • Benefits of the Heart 

  • Guided Meditation for Grounding & increased Awareness 
  • Simple Experiential Practice for experiencing the presence of the heart 

This is a great place for any body to start learning more about Tantra, Bhakti Yoga and the power of the heart.

Connecting to the heart is a transformative experience which will truly change how you interact with your life and the world around you.