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Bhairavi's Blessing

In this illuminating lecture, attendees are guided through an exploration of the wrathful Mahavidyas, with a particular focus on Tripura Bhairavi. This divine archetype embodies both destructive power and purification through fire, serving as both a compassionate guide and a fierce warrior. The lecture delves into the paradoxical concept of embracing fear as a catalyst for spiritual growth, emphasizing humility, surrender, and the removal of personal obstacles. It also delves into the transformative potential of anger, encouraging the release of shame surrounding this emotion and providing a practical framework for distinguishing between egoic and divine anger. The lecture concludes with a heartfelt prayer, seeking purification and alignment with the divine, making it a profound journey into embracing sacred fury, self-acceptance, and spiritual growth.

This is a recorded lecture, it is 1.5 hours long.

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