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Embodied Awakening: Experience the union of Heart & Body

Join us in uncovering the profound wisdom of Kashmir Shaivism and embark on a path of self-discovery through our "Embodied Awakening" course series.

In this series, we delve into the profound teachings of Kashmir Shaivism, focusing on the concept of "Hrid Kaya" or the "heart body," as a gateway to spiritual awakening.

Throughout the series, you'll engage in three two-hour-long videos, each offering a unique exploration of the body as a vessel for spiritual realization.

Course Structure:

Each Video includes some theory but is mainly practice based. 

  1. Video 1: The Heart Body and the Ego : In this introductory video, we lay the foundation for our exploration by introducing the concept of Hrid Kaya and its significance in Kashmir Shaivism. We'll explore how tensions in the body contribute to our sense of self and the role of the ego in shaping our identity.

  2. Video 2: Emotions as Energy in the Body: Building on the concepts introduced in the first video, we'll delve deeper into the nature of emotions as energy that contracts within the body. Through this exploration, you'll gain insights into how emotions shape our experience of self and the world around us.

  3. Video 3: Intuitive Movement Practice for Self-Exploration : In our final video, all that we've learned is summarized in one final talk and then we dive into a longer practice which aims to provide you with a direct experience of yourself as infinite and undivided.


Who Should Attend: This course is suitable for anyone interested in somatic practices supported by spiritual theory. Whether you're new to Kashmir Shaivism or seeking to deepen your understanding of somatic spirituality, this series offers a unique blend of theory and direct experience to support your journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

What You'll Get:

  1. Introduction to Kashmir Shaivism: Gain a theoretical and experiential introduction to Kashmir Shaivist thought and practices for experiencing and knowing the body.

  2. Practical Tools for Self-Exploration: Learn practical techniques and exercises rooted in to help you explore the tensions in your body,  mind, and emotions. Understand your emotions as energy, and engage in intuitive movement practices for self-discovery.

  3. Direct Experience of Your Infinite Self: Through a blend of theory and practice, experience yourself as infinite and undivided, gaining insights that can profoundly impact your spiritual path.

Additional Details:

  • This course is designed for individuals interested in somatic practices supported by spiritual theory.
  • Each video is approximately two hours long, offering in-depth exploration and practical guidance.
  • This course is provided through emails and will give you access to download each video so that you can return to it again and again.