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Spiritual Experiences, Materialism, & Ego

Anuttara warmly invites you to explore the common pitfalls and confusions that spiritual seekers may encounter on their spiritual journey. This three-part educational series has been thoughtfully curated to offer you the clarity, discernment, insight, and self-reflection necessary to guide you on the path of genuine spirituality.What you'll get:

  • Part 1: Unmasking the Spiritual Ego

    • Deep Dive into the Ego: Understand the nuances of the spiritual ego and how it shapes our understanding of ourselves.
    • Tools for Self-Reflection: Explore practical tools for uncovering and navigating the layers of your own spiritual ego.
    • Benefits and Challenges: Learn about the positive aspects and potential challenges associated with embracing the spiritual ego.

    Part 2: Navigating Spiritual Materialism

    • Wealth and Spirituality: Explore the intricate relationship between material wealth and genuine spiritual fulfillment.
    • Tantra, Manifestation, and More: Delve into the practical aspects of Tantra, manifestation, and their relevance in spiritual growth.
    • Energetic Exchange: Understand the tradition of energetic exchange in spirituality and its impact on personal and collective growth.

    Part 3: Understanding Spiritual Experiences

    • Identifying Spiritual Experiences: Explore the diverse nature of spiritual experiences and recognize who may encounter them.
    • Addressing Challenges: Gain insights into potential challenges and negative side effects of spiritual experiences.
    • Guidance for Personal Growth: Receive practical guidance on navigating and growing from profound spiritual experiences.

Upon purchasing this lecture, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access and download the content. Rest assured, the knowledge shared in this session will be yours to revisit and reflect upon indefinitely.